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About The Sales Playbook

Sales is hard, there are targets to hit, leads to generate, prospects to nurture, time pressures to close deals, steps, stages and actions to complete, the CRM to update, meetings to attend and the list goes on.

Sales Playbook is here to educate, motivate, inspire and entertain sales professionals from entry level to senior leadership. It provides insightful content through articles and tips to help support daily sales activities covering the whole sales cycle, including prospecting, qualifying, demonstrating, closing and retaining business.

Our articles and frameworks provide senior level leaders with insights on how to create and maintain a high level playbook which can build a solid foundation for onboarding new hires, designing successful career paths and providing essential guidance on day to day activities that allow sales teams to thrive.

We entertain with sales memes, videos, quizzes and puzzles along with motivational quotes to boost morale and keep sales professionals actively pushing themselves to succeed.

Our mission is to make sales great again! When sales is done wrong it can be the worst profession, but when sales is done right it can be the best! 

If you’re an organisation that would like to implement our Sales Playbook, frameworks or if you’re a provider who would like to partner with us please get in touch to discuss.

About The Author

I am an experienced sales and business development professional with over 20 years in the field and a solid record of over achieving targets. I have been responsible for creating high performing teams, by providing a structure where they could operate efficiently and excel, through process improvement, collaboration, training, coaching and mentoring. I have built and managed sales pipelines focused on driving business and exceeding revenue targets in multiple sectors and have a deep knowledge of different sales cycles, sales strategies and business development techniques.

I understand the complexities and pressures involved in the sales profession and over the years have developed a number of frameworks to help sales teams thrive including:

  • The CRAKIT acronym for lead qualification
  • The SOLVE acronym for handling objections
  • The Sales Cadence Five Ms
  • The Six Keys to Unlock Sales Cadence

“A successful business is not created by a single individual, but by many individuals working together towards the same goal”

– Ben James