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Create Your Ultimate Sales Playbook

Provide your sales team with a framework that enables them to operate at the highest level and in doing so you’ll create a well-oiled sales machine capable of the highest revenue generation.

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Our Mission

We are here to educate, motivate, inspire and entertain sales professionals from entry level to senior leadership. We provide insightful content through articles and tips to help support daily sales activities covering the whole sales cycle, including prospecting, qualifying, demonstrating, closing and retaining business.

Our articles and frameworks provide senior level leaders with insights on how to create and maintain a high level Sales Playbook which can build a solid foundation for onboarding new hires, designing successful career paths and providing essential guidance on day to day activities that allow sales teams to thrive.

We entertain with sales memes, videos, quizzes and puzzles along with motivational quotes to boost morale and keep sales professionals actively pushing themselves to succeed.


Improve results with our quick sales tips. Blend these tips into your daily routine to positively impact the success across all stages of your sales pipeline.


We have the largest selection of hilarious sales memes to help break up the daily pressures of generating leads and hitting target and all that admin work.


Test your knowledge against our sales related quizzes. How will you compare to your colleagues? Take our quizzes and share the results on social media to find out.


If you are motivated you will be happier and you will achieve more. That’s why we created a library of inspirational quotes to motivate throughout the week.