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Sales Words

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Word of The Day. We have a collection of meaningful words with explanation and examples that will help and empower sales professionals in the beginning and during their sales careers. These impactful words and their understanding are useful across all stages of a sales pipeline, will help to build trust, credibility and ultimately lead to closing more sales!

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sales words motivation is the process that initiates guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors Daniel's motivation increased when he heard a promotion opportunity had arisen to move into a senior position

We all need to have motivation to be successful in both our personal and professional life. You can be motivated by others, but more importantly you need to be self motivated. Being motivated allows us all to stay driven and achieve our goals! Here are a few key things that can help with self motivation:

Keep things simple – Try not to over complicate what you need to do to reach success. Have things around you as daily reminders of what achieving your goals will bring.

Keep learning – Get into the habit of learning new things. Try new techniques and strategies to keep you motivated to progress.

Keep your positivity up – Try to see the good in every bad. If you encounter obstacles, struggles or challenges, view these as points of learning and not points of failure.

Keep track of your progress – Whether it’s through your company CRM or a spreadsheet, keep track of where you are and where you need to be towards your ongoing goals.

Keep helping others – Share your ideas, share your knowledge, share you insights.

Most importantly get started and keep going. There will be things you don’t want to do, but self motivation coupled with motivation you draw from others will push you through! – Ben James

sales words goal is something that you hope to achieve where time and effort will be needed he set himself a goal to increase the number of leads qualified per month by 20% in order to grow his pipeline

Setting goals is fundamental to any sales professional throughout their career, and we are not just talking about the goals set by an organization. Business goals are of course important and you’ll have your targets/quotas, KPIs created by your organization around what the business needs from an activity and revenue standpoint to hit their yearly goals.

But, the best sales professionals set their own goals. Away from the business objectives, away from the targets/quotas and KPIs, great salespeople set themselves goals, which will help them not only exceed their numbers, but more importantly progress their career!

Whether you’re tackling your own goals or the goals of your organization, it is important to have one main goal, and then smaller/shorter goals to keep you motivated and on track. One of our favorite quotes is from tennis legend Roger Federer “You have to believe in the long term plan you have, but you need the short term goals to motivate and inspire you”.

Set yourself goals. What do YOU want to achieve? When you’re happy with what you have set yourself, make it happen! – Ben James

sales words credible means worthy of belief or confidence believable and trustworthy the client found her to be credible and she was able to convince them to upgrade their software

Being credible as a sales professional is essential for success. People generally prefer to buy from individuals they trust. In most circumstances they are even willing to pay more when they are dealing with salespeople who are reliable, dependable and honest.

You’ll hear stories and may even know people that are willing to pay more for this. In normal day life, you might choose to pay more to get credible providers to service your car or boiler, for example. People pay that premium price because they trust the company, but more importantly the individual who does the work and supplied the advice. This is so important in the world of B2B sales, where you have increased price tags and an increased number of stakeholders!

When you’re credible, asking for a referral is so much easier too, in some cases the person you have supplied the service to will even offer up a referral without the ask, because they know someone who needs the credible service you offer. If you position yourself and your brand as highly credible from the outset, you will win deals from competition even if they have a lower price point. – Ben James

sales words discipline the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way the SDR team had the discipline to follow-up on each inbound lead from marketing within 1 hour of inheriting

Discipline is something we all need in both our professional and personal lives. From a professional perspective discipline can ultimately be the bridge between failure and success. When you are able to behave in a controlled way, you can maximize your day, prioritize your work flow and successfully execute on your strategies.

Having discipline to control your day to day activities is key to a career in sales. Maybe more so than working in any other role. We have so much going on each and every day. Targets to hit, leads to generate, prospects to nurture, time pressure to close deals, steps, stages, and actions to complete, the CRM to update, meetings to attend and the list goes on!

Maintaining your discipline when you have all of these things going on around you is something you should look to master from the minute you start working in sales, all the way through until the end of your career. The more disciplined you are, the more successful you will become! – Ben James