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Sales Words

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Word of The Day. We have a collection of meaningful words with explanation and examples that will help and empower sales professionals in the beginning and during their sales careers. These impactful words and their understanding are useful across all stages of a sales pipeline, will help to build trust, credibility and ultimately lead to closing more sales!

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sales playbook word of the day need require something because it is vital or very important not just desirable Claire identified the prospect's need by asking open-ended questions and listening keenly to the answers

Need is the driver for the customer to make a purchase decision. Identifying the customer need(s) is mission critical for any salesperson. It allows you to position your brand behind specific need(s) of the prospect or client and you can then create content in your outreach that meets the need(s). A great way to anticipate a prospect’s need is to look at your company’s customer stories, testimonials or white papers. You can also sit with you customer success team to understand how your product or service currently provides the need to relevant buyer personas. Depending on your product or service the preferred buyer will likely have the same or similar need(s) which allows you to tailor your approach and become more successful in your prospecting efforts during cold outreach.

It is not only important to have an understanding of your prospect’s need(s) to be able to approach potential new clients and expand your business, but it is critical that any salesperson gets this absolutely right during the discovery process. If you understand the prospects needs(s) for your product or service the selling part becomes a simple discussion and ultimately the purchase part becomes incredibly straight forward. – Ben James

sales playbook word of the day concentration the action or power of giving all of your attention to doing something Ali directed all of his concentration after 5pm to growing his network with peers or prospects on LinkedIn

We all have those moments when we can be easily distracted. Maintaining a high level of concentration, especially in sales is tough but an integral part of success. There are a number of factors that can play a large role in your ability to concentrate. Below are a few ideas to help:

1) Allocate specific time(s) to your task 2) Concentrate on one task at a time 3) Make sure you are comfortable 4) Shut out distractions 5) Put up pictures that motivate you 6) Close your email and chat programs 7) Drink plenty of water 8) Reward yourself for completion

Increase your concentration and advance your goals! – Ben James

sales playbook word of the day curious you are interested in something and want to know more about it she was curious about her prospect's company and wanted to know more about his role in the organization

To be a truly great salesperson the ability to be curious is a characteristic that should be exercised daily. The urge to explore, investigate and learn about prospects and/or clients allows us to gain vital knowledge into their company and the role they play within. This curiosity pushes us to ask questions and show keen interest in the answers provided, which in turn gives foundation to build trust. So, be curious about your prospects or clients, their role, their business, their out of work activities and anything else that can build better rapport and/or a lasting relationship! – Ben James

sales playbook word of the day persistence continuing in an opinion or course of action despite difficulty or opposition you had the right mix of persistence and patience to successfully convert that prospect into a new customer

Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You move forward even when you feel like quitting, until you reach your goal! Persistence of action comes from persistence of vision. If you’re clear about what you want, you’ll be more consistent and consistency of action will produce consistency of results! – Ben James

sales playbook word of the day mindset a person's way of thinking, opinions and general attitude about things success is about attention to detail a winning mindset and the complex chemistry of team members

Having a positive mindset means making positive thinking a habit and making the best of any situation you find yourself in. A positive mindset helps with stress management and as some studies show can even improve your health.

This doesn’t mean ignoring life’s unpleasant situations. It simply means that you approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way! – Ben James