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Movie Meme Quiz – Part 1

Are you a movie fan? In our memes, we frequently reference some of Hollywood’s most famous movies.

Test your movie knowledge and double up on the fun with our hilarious memes on each one. Remember to share with friends and colleagues!

Test your knowledge: Can you identify all 12 movies from our memes?

Created by Ben James

Movie Meme Quiz - Part 1

Do you think you can identify 12 movies based on a meme screenshot? Take the quiz and let us know!

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One of the longest running franchises in movie history. Which one of the movies saw Vin Diesel square off against The Rock in this clip?

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Name this hilarious movie starring Jim Carrey?

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This movie transformed Liam Neeson into an action star in 2008. Can you name it?

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Can you name this Netflix post-apocalyptic horror movie?

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The first superhero movie to gross over $2 billion worldwide. Which one is it?

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Slightly different picture to the one in the movie, but can you name it?

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Can you name this horror film starring Christian Bale?

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Which one of the below movies written and directed by Quentin Tarantino is this clip from?

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Not much given away in this picture, but can you name the movie?

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Name this superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds?

11 / 12

This one received worldwide acclaim for its witty, sophisticated humour and action sequences. Can you name the movie?

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One of the most famous scenes from the Austin Powers movie franchise, but which one was it from?

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