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Welcome to the Sales Playbook

sales playbook

The Sales Playbook is now live. This website is about everything sales and focuses on you, the sales professional. The information within all of the articles has been created to provide support as you navigate through what is often a hard and stressful career path. From becoming a new hire through to a sales superstar there will be information to help you hit targets/quotas, generate leads, nurture prospects, close deals, complete steps, stages and actions, update CRM, attend meetings, and more.

The information provided is aimed to support you during your career with everything from history, terminology and methodology, to process and procedures through to prospecting examples for cold calling, emailing, social selling, amongst others.

There is fun involved as well with memes, gifs, videos and inspirational quotes to ease the pressure sales can bring.

Contact us, like, comment, share and get involved in conversations around the articles as this will help shape future content.

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it

– Samuel Johnson

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Welcome to the Sales Playbook

by Ben James time to read: 1 min