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15 Memes for Sales Professionals: First Edition

Memes are a great way to lighten up what can be a highly stressful role that sales professionals play in business. Here’s the first edition from Sales Playbook with 15 memes anyone in sales can relate to and hopefully they bring a smile to the face of all you hard working individuals.

1. Not what we say to prospects, but we know its true

2. Not sure we all take a camera, but we are generally excited to start.

3. Discounts, what discounts?

4. It’s just how we all feel and sometimes look.

5. We all love it when a prospect calls back, but when they place that order it’s even better!

6. That moment the sales manager makes the announcement!

7. Power hours are not easy!

8. Sales champions you’ve had this feeling!

9. I wonder if this would work?

10. We’ve all had this feeling!

11. Seeing everyone in the team celebrating, except you!

12. Closing always feels great, but when it happens on the first attempt it’s just bliss!

13. Those pesky gatekeepers!

14. How great would it be if this was true!

15. I haven’t checked recently, but I hope it’s not like this!

“A smile has the power to make a salesperson look more confident, friendly and ultimately more attractive to prospects. It gives optimism and happiness, which in the long run means that salespeople who smile will often become more successful”

– Ben James

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15 Memes for Sales Professionals: First Edition

by Ben James time to read: 1 min