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Sales Tips

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Sales Tip of The Day. Our tips are here to provide insights and ideas to sales professionals of all levels and can be implemented into all stages of a sales pipeline and used within any team.

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sales tip be positive be passionate be proactive

One of our mantras and three P’s for all salespeople to remember each and every day!

Positive – Be positive in your approach and about the outcome!

Passionate – Be passionate about your product and/or service!

Proactive – Be proactive, work your leads, follow-up with your prospects, follow-up on your meetings, follow-up on your proposals! – Ben James

The majority of sales reps and SDRs will use email as the number one channel to communicate with their prospects, but if everyone is doing this how do you stand out?! Direct mail is one channel that is highly underutilized these days. Think about it this way, when a prospect starts up their computer and sees 30+ emails they will generally scan through and delete out the ones that seem salesy or the ones from people and/or companies they don’t recognize.

They won’t and don’t however receive 30+ letters, in fact most people will receive on average just one or two letters per week, and these are not generally by sales individuals. Thinking about it this way you can leverage this channel to stand out from the crowd and communicate with a prospect in a different way! Christmas is the ideal time of the year to leverage direct mail at scale. Simply sending a Christmas card to each of your prospects can open up new doors and make a prospect feel that you have taken the time not only to write the card yourself, but to send one to them. Ditch the digital and try the hard copy!

We are not saying to use direct mail as your go to prospecting tool, but try to incorporate this into your efforts and you might be surprised with the results. – Ben James

sales tip make a habit of connecting with twenty new people on LinkedIn every day peers or prospects build your network

LinkedIn is still the number one platform for social business networking. It is also where you can build your professional brand and we don’t mean just around the company or industry you work in, but more importantly around you as a professional individual. The great thing about LinkedIn is the minute you open your account you start to build a network that can last the length of your career, because these connections are yours. For example, when you work for a company you’re not legally allowed to download their database and take this with you to another company, but if you have the same connections on LinkedIn then you’re able to take this with you wherever you go. Think of LinkedIn as your own database!

You want to start building your database as soon as possible and with as many as possible, but you also want your connections to be relevant. So, make a habit of sending connection requests to at least 20 people per day who could be or are potential prospects and also your peers as they will be interested in what you do for a living, and may also be able to aid in your career development moving forward! This 20 is just a guide to get you in the habit, but if you can connect with more, why not?! The more the merrier as the saying goes and what better time to make new and exciting connections than right now! – Ben James

sales tip ask ask for the meeting ask for commitment as for the referral

sales tip when leaving a voicemail depending on the duration provide your contact number at the beginning this will mean the prospect will not have to listen to the entire message again to get your number