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Sales Tips

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Sales Tip of The Day. Our tips are here to provide insights and ideas to sales professionals of all levels and can be implemented into all stages of a sales pipeline and used within any team.

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sales tip try to keep your email subject lines under seven words more then half of prospects will open messages on their phone and this is the maximum that will show up

When it comes to successful email prospecting a good subject line is critical to your success. Prospects will scan their subject lines along with the senders and will generally make the decision to open those emails based on these factors. So, how can you positively impact your subject lines, to get your emails opened and get the value in your messaging across? Here are a few ideas to consider:

Keep Them Short – Ideally you want to keep your subject lin es to around 3-5 words, certainly under seven. Most emails are read on mobile phones, so this is the most that will show up. Keep them short and powerful!

Split Test – Create variations for your subject lines like you do for your messaging. Split testing, also know as A/B testing, is a must so you are consistently creating better open rates for your emails.

Personalize Your Subject Lines – When we personalize our subject lines we make the receipient feel as though the emai was created for them and them alone. There are a number of stats on this, but personalizing subject lines can lead to as much as 26% higher open rates.

Use Numbers – Numbers can apparently have an hypnotic power to the reciever, so test using numbers as a way of converying the strength of your messaging inside the email.

Alway test, tweak and then repeat on your subject lines, messaging and talk track. If you’re currently seeing good results THAT’S GREAT! But, you could be getting even better ones if you continually try new techniques! – Ben James

sales tip when formulating your approach to a prospect think WIIFT what's in it for them

Whether you’re an individual contributor in a sales team or leading the team itself you should always focus on WIIFT – What’s in it for them! Salespeople should become focused on “what’s in it for them”, their prospects, their customers because their needs should be the first thing you find out! When you think about “what’s in it for them” you’re able to put yourself in your buyers shoes (to a certain extent), you start to consider why your particular brand is the best option over the one they currently use or others they could consider. You’re then able to attribute your features and benefits to their needs and in turn your sales success will improve!

Sales leaders should also be very focused around “what’s in it for them”, their team, the individual contributors that are going to make your division, and ultimately your organization successful. What are your team’s needs? What would make their day to day activities more productive? What will lift each individual to the next level and beyond?

There are many things you should or can consider, but it all starts with WIIFT – WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM! – Ben James

sales tip try to tie your follow ups to something relevant instead of simply calling to check in or slapping them with another pitch

sales tip sales messaging is valuable when it provides insights new approaches and ways of creating solutions

sales tip prospect consistently carve out time each and every day to continually prop up your pipeline

Prospecting is the key to sales! The more prospects you have in your pipeline the better the potential you have to hit your target each and every month. It’s that simple!

There is nothing worse when you’re a salesperson than a dry pipeline and it can be easily done. If you think you’re going to hit target or you have enough for this month and the next, you can begin to trick yourself into a false sense of security, and then simply put off prospecting. It will be ok, I’ll do it next week! The problem with this mindset is that the next week can turn into two or three, and before you know it a whole month has gone past without any new prospects entering your pipeline.

Also the longer you go without prospecting the harder it can be to get back in the swing, and you want to be able to achieve or exceed your target month in and month out. The one or two months you miss could be the difference between presidents club or not at the end of the year.

So, prospect daily. Carve out time in your calendar each and every day to prop up your pipeline, so you have nice continous flow of potential new clients entering your pipeline! – Ben James