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Sales Tips

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Sales Tip of The Day. Our tips are here to provide insights and ideas to sales professionals of all levels and can be implemented into all stages of a sales pipeline and used within any team.

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sales tip record all relevant information in your company CRM anything you can leverage on the next communication to a prospect constantly think what can build a better relationship or push the sale forward

Although many sales professionals will say that working in or updating their CRM is one of the worst parts of sales, this is one of the most important tools all sellers need! The information within your CRM is full of hidden gems and the more more up-to-date the information it holds the better the date it provides.

You should include any and all relevant details from your conversations with not just prospects, but also with their colleagues. The standard information like mobile numbers, additional emails, etc are a no brainer to add, but more importantly we want to think about the details they have mentioned during their communications. Anything from personal details such as holidays, pets, children, moving houses etc, through to business details around their individual role, their team, their KPIs, their results etc.

Both personal and professional information can actually co-exist when we think about their pains, needs, wants and desires. So make your CRM work not just for your organization, but for you too. Don’t be afraid to put your ideas forward on how your CRM can be improved and maximise all of the data that you and your colleagues add, and be sure to circle back and leverage any and all hidden gems you find. – Ben James

sales tip when sending emails personlize at least two parts keep them short powerful and valuable if the messaging is too long you risk losing your prospects attention

Personalization is a key implementation into any sales professionals outreach strategy. You should be looking to personalize at least two parts to make your prospect feel that you understand them and their role. Make sure you keep your emails short, if you write a noval your prospect can easily become disinterested and will more than likely stop reading before the end.

Provide value, make your email relevant! How does your company and your products/services align with their pains, needs, wants and desires_ How have you helped or are helping similar companies achieve their goals?

Once you have personalized your approach, made your messaging relevant to them, make sure you have a strong CTA (call to action). Can they meet in a couple of days zia zoom, or over the phone to discuss in more detail the information you have already provided and more! – Ben James

sales tip build rapport with everyone you speak with if they're not the decision maker that doesn't mean they have no authority you never know who could be an influencer to your preferred contact

sales tip if you're struggling to contact a prospect or looking for insights into a company try leveraging your sales counterparts at that organization if they can help they will they have the same pains as you

As sales professionals we all experience the same pains, needs, wants and desires as each other, because we do the same job. Yes this job will of course vary depending on the product or service we sell, the industry we work in, the country we are based etc, but fundamentally we are trying to achieve the same goals. When we are struggling to contact our preferred prospect or perhaps looking for insights from inside the organization as opposed to what we find online, why not contact your sales counterpart, they are trying to get hold of their prospects as well, you might even be able to help each other because your company might be a good for for them. The point is for salespeople to help salespeople when the opportunity presents itself.

The salesperson might know your preferred contact, maybe they see each other at lunch, maybe they go for a drink down the pub after work. Or, during these times, they might still keep in touch during online meetings or socials. They might know someone who can influence your contact and then provide you with a name and number. Maybe your preferred contact only works certain days or specific times. Knowing this will mean you’re not wasting precious time prospecting at the wrong time. The best case is that they can give you direct contact information and reach out to that contact and refer you to them.

These are a few examples, but the point is for all of us to help each other with what is a difficult part of any sales process. We are not saying to just call each other, but utilize the common bond we share when we are struggling! – Ben James

sales tip include video messaging in your cadence to grab a prospects attention and stand out from the crowd

Using video during your outreach is a great way to capture the attention of a potential customer. The results can be powerful and it can be done simply with a free tool and a little practice.

Video can be super useful in the initial outreach phase, but can also be a key tactic when following up. It can be incorporated in email, social and even text messaging. If you’re an SDR or SE/AE who is not currently using video, here is three reasons why you should consider it:

1) Sales teams that use video see up to 26% increase in replies – Source: Salesloft

2) Emails that contain video have 4X the CTR (click through rate) than emails that don’t – Source: Inside Sales

3) 52% of viewers will watch video all the way through to the end – Source: Video In Business Benchmark Report

Video along with the other communication channels like calling and emailing should be included in your outreach methods. It can be great for sending cold outreach, highlighting a piece of marketing equipment or simply reconnecting with a prospect! Video allows you to provide a more targeted, relevant and engaged message for your intended audience to watch and share. – Ben James