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Sales Tips

Welcome to the Sales Playbook Sales Tip of The Day. Our tips are here to provide insights and ideas to sales professionals of all levels and can be implemented into all stages of a sales pipeline and used within any team.

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sales tip sales leaders should always be looking at how they can simplify processes for their team communicate expectations clearly know when to coach and above all lead by example

sales tip do you want to be the best make presidents club get a promotion then show up early prospect consistently ask for training take your own training stay late put the work in and get better every single day

sales tip if you're speaking with a prospect on their mobile phone and have arranged a next step use this opportunity to text message or WhatsApp the confirmation to open up alternate ways of communicating

sales tip know your competitors review their website follow their social media and sell on the benefits you offer which they don't

sales tip always have a clear next step before a meeting or conversation ends make sure a solid next step is agreed with your prospect or client

Having a clear next step arranged with your prospect is the best way to keep your sale moving forward. A clear next step is defined as having another interaction between you and them! If the prospect asks you to send them further information via email, make sure you have a date in which you will call, video call or visit them. If you send them the information on Tuesday, before that interaction finishes arrange a time on Thursday to run through the information presented and get the prospect’s thoughts!

Likewise if you’re conducting a discovery call, make sure a suitable date and time for them is agreed before the end of the meeting. Same goes after a demo or presentation and after you supply them with a proposal. Never leave your next interaction in limbo, always have a clear next step arranged. Once the date and time of the next step has been agreed send a calendar invite, ideally while the prospect is still with you and ask them to accept what has been agreed! – Ben James