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Sales Memes

A meme a day helps keep the sales stress away! We have one of the largest selections of sales memes online to help break up the daily pressures selling can bring. If you have created any sales related memes and would like us to feature it here on our site and on social channels, contact us.

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sales meme your resume and skills are really impressive but we have decided to offer the role to another candidate
Great feedback. Thanks!

sales meme when the sales team are asked to find new leads
There out there somewhere. Wait! I think I see one!

sales meme types of headaches migraine hypertension stress trying to hit target
I need something stronger than paracetamol!

sales meme new hire how do you close all those deals top seller it's a simple spell but quite unbreakable
Ah! The magic side of sales!

sales meme when you turn up one minute late to your weekly 1:1
Please tell me they are not redundancy papers!

sales meme please can I have one just one hot lead marketing sales
Also if that hot lead could have contact information as well please!

sales meme when people ask me how my pipeline looks this year
Hmmm ermm yeah it looks good!

sales meme the moment a sales rep closes the biggest account in the company's history
Oh my good! Did you see that! Amazing performance!

sales meme that feeling when you close on the very first pitch
The hills are alive with the sound of commission!

sales meme the moment the prospect tells you she went with your competitor
No, no, no don’t say it’s so!