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Sales Memes

A meme a day helps keep the sales stress away! We have one of the largest selections of sales memes online to help break up the daily pressures selling can bring. If you have created any sales related memes and would like us to feature it here on our site and on social channels, contact us.

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sales meme when they tell you the new comp plab is better then you see how much more you earned that month
I knew that was going to be empty!

sales meme payslip when you've smashed target sales rep taxman
Every month I fall for it!

sales meme when the buyer starts asking what else you have to go with this purchase
What did you say your budget was again!

sales meme senior leadership when asked about their budgets next year
But we smashed all the targets!

sales meme hello is it leads your looking for
100% everyday all day Lionel!

sales meme zoom meeting with camera off with camera on
Never a truer meme has been created!

sales meme when the new hire closes on the very first call
WTF did I just witness!

sales meme when people say they want to work in sales cos it's easy money
Talk is cheap people! Come and get your hands dirty!

sales meme first day in sales end of month one
Ah memories!

sales meme when the sales manager finds out the team just hit target again
Breaking news and breaking records!