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Sales Memes

A meme a day helps keep the sales stress away! We have one of the largest selections of sales memes online to help break up the daily pressures selling can bring. If you have created any sales related memes and would like us to feature it here on our site and on social channels, contact us.

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sales meme the moment you're speaking with a customer and realise you totally forgot their name
Sarah, no Sandra, no wait Sophie! Damn it!

sales meme arriving at your first client meeting
Are you ready for our date, I mean meeting!

sales meme when the sales manager tells you another old sales story
Not again!

sales meme when the sales manager asks for my forecast this month
I would rather under promise and over delivery boss!

sales meme top performers are like everywhere I go I see his face
Cha Ching!

sales meme sales people you have to cold call uncapped commission
Where is that phone!

sales meme when you're working from home and have to put the camera on for the weekly sales meeting
Can you stand up please Ken!

sales meme manager how did you get on with those leads today me they were so cold
Some warmer leads next time please!

sales meme social selling expert all you have to do to hit target is only use LinkedIn it's simple and works top seller pretty sure it doesn't
Couldn’t agree more!

sales meme if you buy now that will be the end of it but if you don't I will keep calling emailing and messaging you and your colleagues
I have a very particular set of skills, skills developed over a long career!