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Sales Memes

A meme a day helps keep the sales stress away! We have one of the largest selections of sales memes online to help break up the daily pressures selling can bring. If you have created any sales related memes and would like us to feature it here on our site and on social channels, contact us.

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sales meme when it's Christmas eve and you're still fighting to hit your quota
You are the best of us!

sales meme when you hire a new sales rep into your team who doesn't really want to work in sales at all
Happens all to often!

sales meme when you tell your colleague that you hit target and then give her some of your leads so she can too
Smooth, very smooth!

sales meme when it's the new sales rep's first December trying to hit target welcome to the party pal
Let the fun begin!

sales meme when I´m asked to go through my old leads to see if I can push anything over the line before Christmas
That was easy!

sales meme sometimes what a salesperson needs is just one piece presidents club
You complete me!

sales meme the sales manager showing me the list of all the marketing leads I didn't call this week
If they had telephone numbers I would have called them!

sales meme turning up for your first day in sales the sales team
Don’t worry it’s not always like this, sometimes there’s no fire!

sales meme most people when they decide to start a career in sales
If you could get a qualification in selling this wouldn’t happen!

sales meme daddy I love it sales book you're going to be in sales when you grow up I can't wait
One day this will actually happen!